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3 Qualities Needed to Live a Big Life  

  My husband recently prayed, “Father, I want to live a big life.” He doesn’t mean a life that makes him wealthy or draws attention to himself. Rather, he wants to make a significant impact in God’s kingdom. He wants God to trust him with tasks impossible to accomplish apart from His doing and to… [ read more ]

What an Egyptian Woman Taught Me About Servanthood

  Last week I spent a night at the Cairo airport awaiting my early morning flight to London. Minutes before catching the shuttle bus to our plane, I made a quick visit to the women’s washroom. I’ve traveled to many different countries, and I’ve visited many women’s washrooms along the way. In the poorest of… [ read more ]

5 Lessons Learned About True Love

I’ll always remember celebrating Valentine’s Day in fourth grade. That was the year I had an over-sized crush on brown-eyed, freckle-faced Freddy. So did all the other girls in my class, for that matter. Poor Freddy. Other boys his age played tetherball and baseball during recess, but he dashed ‘round and ‘round the schoolyard chased… [ read more ]

Who’s Really the Greatest?

I recently met someone whose ministry and reputation I’d admired long-distance for years. Circumstances surrounding our meeting, however, shattered that admiration. When things didn’t go as she’d planned, this esteemed leader inappropriately placed blame and verbally filleted those who tried to assist her, myself included. The episode stunned me and left me feeling physically ill… [ read more ]

Breakfast on the Beach with Jesus

The disciples had fished all night and caught nothing. Surely they must have felt exhausted and defeated. But their discouragement didn’t last for long because – wonder of wonders – Jesus showed up and cooked breakfast on the beach for His buddies (John 21:1-13). What a glorious way to begin a new day! I love… [ read more ]