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2 Essentials of True Friendship

What does true friendship look like? Here are two essentials, as seen in Moses and Jethro’s relationship: True Friendships Provide a Safe Place to Share Struggles and Successes Some relationships allow the freedom to share successes. Others don’t. Why? Because one individual’s insecurities breed jealousy upon hearing about the other’s achievements. Those insecurities might also… [ read more ]

The Woes of Wrong Assumptions

Our road trip through Alberta has ended. We’re thankful for safe travels on icy and drift-covered roads. Sorry for not posting on Monday, but it was a crazy day with flying home, restocking the house with groceries, attending small group, and more. It’s good to be home and back in my office! Here’s today’s devotional… [ read more ]

Keep It Simple Sweetie

Here’s an article I wrote called “When Our Kids Hurt,” posted on today! Check it out. Sometimes we make Christianity ‘way more difficult than it needs to be. Rather than complicate things with our manmade rules, we ought to remember the acrostic K.I.S.S. – “Keep it Simple Sweetie.” If Christianity had but one… [ read more ]