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What Does Integrity Look Like?

Canadian and American people will soon elect new leaders. One of the campaign tactics often used is negative media advertising that questions politicians’ integrity. It seems our society has a conscious awareness of integrity’s value. We want leaders who keep their promises, prove trustworthy with finances, treat all people fairly, and show themselves honest and… [ read more ]

Got Joy?

Face it. Joy isn’t found in an abundance of stuff, a dream house, or a star career. It’s found in relationship with God and in doing what He says. Read on to discover the secret to joy.


Our grandkids recently spent two days with us. When their folks came to collect them, their mom told 3-year-old Anna to put her shirt and socks in the suitcase that was in our bedroom. I happened to be in the bedroom but wasn’t aware that Anna was under orders, so I didn’t pay much attention… [ read more ]


Someone once defined integrity as “who you are when no one’s watching.” It means being honest through-and-through even when there’s no one to impress and nothing to gain. Wouldn’t it be great if the world’s population was comprised of men and women of integrity? Job was such a man. In Job 1 and 2, we… [ read more ]