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God’s Word Changes Lives!

Our Polish evangelistic camp ended last weekend and we bid tearful goodbyes to those who attended. It never ceases to amaze me that relationships can run so deep in such a short time period.   On the last morning, one gal gave me a big hug and whispered in my ear, “Thank you for coming…. [ read more ]

Blessing People in a Remote Romanian Village

Nearly 40 children ages (approximately) 4-12 and a half dozen mothers gathered in the gymnasium of a small Romanian village on Monday morning. They waited for our team with a mix of excitement and curiosity. Who are these foreigners, and why are they coming here?   One of the four career missionaries with whom we’ve… [ read more ]

The Beauty of Unselfishness

I recently came across this Chuck Swindoll quote:   “Being unselfish in attitude strikes at the very core of our being. It means we are willing to forego our own comfort, our own preferences, our own schedule or own desires for another’s benefit. And that brings us back to Christ. Perhaps you never realized that… [ read more ]

My 2012 in Picture Review

I sit in the stillness of my living room this morning, sipping my coffee and reflecting on 2012. I’m so thankful for the many blessings it brought, and for the lessons learned in the hard places. Most of all, I’m thankful for God’s presence and power, and for the fresh understanding of the Holy Spirit’s… [ read more ]

My Secret to Dealing with the Day's Stress

How many of you feel pressure or stress right now? I do. May turned out to be maintenance month for physical health, it seems. This week held a treadmill stress test for my heart, blood tests, two physio appointments, and a doctor’s follow-up appointment. These tests resulted in my being scheduled for a cat-scan and… [ read more ]

Hi from Poland!

Hi from Poland! We’ve had a whirlwind week since leaving Vancouver on Monday night. Landed in Berlin on Tuesday evening, drove three hours to Gorzow, Poland that night, taught a class there on Wednesday evening, and then traveled by train for nine hours yesterday via Warsaw and Karpacz to reach Poronin. This area reminds me… [ read more ]

My Impossible Situation

It began in January 2007 with an early morning phone call. The caller was a close friend, one of our former pastors. “Do you still sense that God has something new for you in ministry?” he asked. “Yes,” my husband answered. (We’d sensed a change coming for two years already but had committed to waiting… [ read more ]

Sabbath Rest

My life is not what some might consider “normal.” Take this weekend, for instance. My husband and I were at Missions Fest Alberta in Edmonton. Among other assignments, we manned our International Messengers booth on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday morning, we spoke at a church about 1 ½ hours’ drive from the conference venue…. [ read more ]

Amazing Encounters and Encouragement

I came to Urbana ’09 to represent International Messengers and to answer questions/encourage students who are exploring options for their future. During Monday morning’s worship service, however, I heard the leader say, “God has brought you here for a reason. What does He want to tell you or show you?” Hey – that’s right, I… [ read more ]