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God Carries Us

Several times in the past week I’ve read Scriptures that refer to God’s carrying us. The concept’s been a huge blessing as I’ve meditated on it. It puts a visual image in my mind—a picture of Jesus cradling me against His shoulder. I’m safe in His arms. Protected. Cherished. Secure. Perhaps that’s how my two-year-old… [ read more ]

Got Peace?

The direction our thoughts take us determines whether or not we experience peace.

Jesus is the Prince of Peace

It was still dark this morning as I drove to the gym. Blue, white, red, and green Christmas lights twinkled from the eaves and railings of home along the way. A contemporary carol played on the radio. When it ended, the hourly news broadcast began. The headlines seemed a stark contrast to the serenity of… [ read more ]

Because You Prayed

I hope to have a heart-to-heart with God when I reach heaven because I have a few questions that need answers. Here’s one: What difference does prayer make if You rule over everything and have established purposes for our lives from before creation? I wrestle with this question occasionally. How can my measly petitions change… [ read more ]

Voices – Part 2

In the last blog, I wrote about negative voices and how we must choose whether to listen to them or ignore them. Isaiah 36 tells the story of an official Hebrew trio who were driven to despair through an enemy’s threats. When they relayed his words to King Hezekiah, he, too responded with despair. But… [ read more ]

Voices – Part 1

“Why do you bother doing what you do? If I were you, I wouldn’t even have tried.” The woman on the phone was referring to my writing and speaking ministry. Her words so shocked me that I didn’t know how to respond. The conversation ended moments later and I slumped into my office chair feeling… [ read more ]

No More Tears

This week I heard about a family whose 14-year-old boy is dying. He’s been hospitalized in a facility that’s 10 hours’ drive from his home. Sadly, the cost of his medical bills has surpassed insurance coverage and necessitated his father staying at home to work. As the end of the teen’s life draws near, his… [ read more ]