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3 Truths About Life’s Hard Places

    Genesis 28 tells the story of Jacob traveling to his uncle Laban’s home. This wasn’t a fun excursion. He was on the run from his twin brother who wanted to kill him for stealing his blessing. ()   One night Jacob set up camp and found—get this—a stone—yes, a stone—for a pillow. Can… [ read more ]

Yearning for Approval

How much of our behavior is influenced by a yearning for others’ approval and acceptance? Genesis 28:6-9 makes a fascinating study in this regard. Isaac had expressed his disapproval of Canaanite women. “Don’t choose your wife from this group,” he’d warned his son, Jacob. Jacob listened to his dad’s advice and left the country to… [ read more ]

Happy, Happy, Happy?

Once upon a time I learned a Sunday school chorus that went something like this: “Happy, happy, happy, happy. Happy are the people whose God is the Lord.” As a kid, I enjoyed its simple, lilting tune and easy words. But my opinion changed over the years. I think my problem lies with the word… [ read more ]

Families Can Be So Weird!

As a kid, I remember watching a TV show titled, “The Munsters.”  Lily, the family matriarch, was a housewife who used a vacuum that worked in reverse, thereby blowing dust about the mansion. Her husband, Herman, was a good-natured, green-skinned, 7-foot buffoon, employed at a local funeral parlor. Grandpa, sarcastic by nature, spent his days… [ read more ]

Rebekah the Cunning

Rebekah may have been gorgeous on the outside, but her inside could have used a makeover. Genesis 27 reads like a soap opera as it tells the tale of her deceit. First, she plays favorites with her son Jacob, convincing him to lie to his father to receive his brother’s blessing. As if her own… [ read more ]