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2 Essentials of True Friendship

What does true friendship look like? Here are two essentials, as seen in Moses and Jethro’s relationship: True Friendships Provide a Safe Place to Share Struggles and Successes Some relationships allow the freedom to share successes. Others don’t. Why? Because one individual’s insecurities breed jealousy upon hearing about the other’s achievements. Those insecurities might also… [ read more ]

Comparison Trap

Do you ever compare yourself to other people? C’mon, be honest. I’ve fallen into that trap a few times, and guess what? It’s not a comfy place to land. Author John Ortberg addresses the problem of comparison in his book, If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat:… [ read more ]

Abe's Attitude

Abraham’s life is soooo inspirational to me. He was nowhere near perfect, but his heart, overall, was bent on knowing God. This morning as I read in Genesis 22, I saw two verses that I’ve not noticed before. That chapter is about Abraham’s infamous test of obedience. He comes through that experience with flying colors…. [ read more ]