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Hungry? Thirsty? Come and Get It!

When my kids were young and still living at home, I’d cook our family’s evening meal and then call, “Come and get it!” And come, they would. They were hungry, and they knew their need for food would be satisfied if they ate the meal I’d prepared especially for them. God calls to us with… [ read more ]

What do Recycled Furniture and Faith Have in Common?

  Moving into a larger house last month has meant finding furnishings to help fill it. Buying new stuff costs more money than I have or care to spend so I’ve visited thrift stores and garage sales.   This weekend I found a solid oak TV stand—a custom-built corner unit with a swivel on the… [ read more ]

Remembrance Day Reflection

Do we take our country’s freedom for granted? Do we take our spiritual freedom for granted, too?

Jesus — More Than a Sleeping Baby

My 2-year-old granddaughter, Anna, enjoys playing with her family’s Nativity scene. “Baby Jesus sleeping,” she says, pointing to the inch-long plastic figure lying in a wee manger. She picks it up, gives it a shake, drops it on the coffee table, and turns her attention to another toy. So much for toddler theology. Sadly, some… [ read more ]

Breakfast on the Beach with Jesus

The disciples had fished all night and caught nothing. Surely they must have felt exhausted and defeated. But their discouragement didn’t last for long because – wonder of wonders – Jesus showed up and cooked breakfast on the beach for His buddies (John 21:1-13). What a glorious way to begin a new day! I love… [ read more ]