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What Brings God Joy?

On Monday I wrote that my special word for 2012 is joy. Wouldn’t ya know it—that  word pops up nearly every time I open my Bible now. JOY…….JOY…….JOY I love it when God crystallizes the lessons He wants me to learn. And I enjoy processing those lessons by blogging about them. Writing about the nuggets… [ read more ]

It's All about Jesus

My blog will look different this week ‘cause I’m away from my office for a few days. Enjoy! “God will never, never, never let us down if we have faith and put our trust in him. He will always look after us. So we must cleave to Jesus. Our whole life must simply be woven… [ read more ]

God Loves YOU!

The countdown is on. Within a few days, our British Airways jet will be wingin’ its way over the North Pole and landing in London enroute to Budapest. From there, we’ll travel by van into Romania. Only God knows what’s in store this summer as we once again have the privilege of loving and learning… [ read more ]

See the Opportunity

Traveling by plane as often as I do provides lots of opportunities to speak with fellow passengers. When I engage in a conversation, I’ll admit that my spiritual antennae are up, looking for ways to share God’s love. Often, the other person makes a comment that makes for a perfect lead-in. Last December, a lady… [ read more ]

The Pathway to Peace

A couple of months ago, God placed a 30-something woman in the seat next to mine on a flight bound for Minneapolis. The woman slept for the first hour or so, but when she woke from her nap, she immediately engaged me in an amazing , God-ordained conversation. Here’s how it started: “What do you… [ read more ]

Heaven — More Than Wishful Thinking

My father-in-law’s death last month naturally caused sorrow because we’ll miss his presence in our lives. Despite the grief, however, I’ve experienced an undeniable peace and even a sense of celebration. This man, age 90, lived a good life and was ready to take up residence in heaven – a promise fulfilled because he’d placed… [ read more ]

Peace Be With You

I posted a day early because I’m heading out of town for speaking engagements and not sure whether or not I’ll have email access while I’m away. Blessings on you, my friend. Here’s the next devotional… Huddling in a room behind locked doors, Jesus’ disciples reeled from the events they’d just experienced. They’d witnessed their… [ read more ]

Recuperating from Trip

It’s April 10, and we’re home! It’s great to be back despite the waves of jet lag fatigue that roll over me as I unpack, do laundry, sort the mail, answer emails, and run errands. I’ll jump into the devotional blogging again on Easter Monday morning. In the meantime, enjoy the weekend – celebrate Jesus,… [ read more ]

"Go Away, Jesus"

Luke 8:27-37 tells the story of Jesus casting out demons from the man in Gerasenes. A crowd soon heard about the episode and came to see for themselves what had happened. Their response baffles me: “And the whole crowd was afraid…and all the people in that region begged Jesus to go away and leave them… [ read more ]

What is Compassion?

What is compassion? Is it the equivalent of feeling sorry for the less fortunate? Is it crying with someone who’s experiencing a tough time? I’m reading the book The Backward Life by Jarrod Jones. He writes, “In the original Greek language of the Bible, compassion means ‘a wrenching in the guts.’”