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Further Thoughts on Fishing

An IM missionary working in Poland – Janna Forseth – emailed this morning to comment on Sunday’s devotional thoughts. Her insights are worth mentioning:

The Disciples' Fishless Fishing Trip

For several weeks, the story of the disciples’ fishless fishing trip has been running through my mind. It’s the one in which they spent all night working on the water but came home empty-handed. Then Jesus showed up and told them to do it again – in water deeper than before. This request must have… [ read more ]

A Love Life Like No Other — part 2

Back to the question of how to keep relationship with the Lord as top priority in the midst of a busy life… Yesterday I mentioned being sensitive to the Lord’s voice. In my case, I’ve been learning to listen to the message He’s giving me through the praise songs that are in my mind when… [ read more ]

A Cover-up

I read today in Genesis 3, where Adam and Eve sinned against God. Verse 7 stood out to me: “…they strung fig leaves together around their hips to cover themselves” after they’d eaten from the forbidden fruit. Fig leaves around the hips, eh? I can almost see the couple cowering in an orchard, trying desperately… [ read more ]