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God–Our Fortress

When you read this, I’ll be involved in hosting an evangelistic family camp in Poland. We’re working with a team from North America, a Polish pastor and his wife, and several people from their church who are helping with the kids’ programs and as translators. We’re expecting good things! By that, I mean we’re anticipating… [ read more ]

Recuperating from Trip

It’s April 10, and we’re home! It’s great to be back despite the waves of jet lag fatigue that roll over me as I unpack, do laundry, sort the mail, answer emails, and run errands. I’ll jump into the devotional blogging again on Easter Monday morning. In the meantime, enjoy the weekend – celebrate Jesus,… [ read more ]

Journal Entry for Saturday, March 21

  Sometimes I feel like pinching myself to see if I’m living a dream. The women at the retreat are from countries including Mongolia, Mexico, Cuba, the States, Russia, England, Indonesia, and Brazil. I consider myself privileged to mingle with them, learn about their lives, encourage them, pray with them, and laugh with them. They’re… [ read more ]

Friday, March 23

Flexibility is the keyword, I believe. Within minutes of reaching our destination, we were ushered into a dining room where we were served a meal of rice and lentils – the first of many on this trip. That’s when I learned that I was scheduled to speak at a women’s conference the next day and… [ read more ]