Conntecting the Dots

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The Beauty of Simple Faith

  I hear stories of rural Nepalese choosing to follow Jesus and then telling their family and friends about Him. Many of these folks are illiterate. All possess a simple faith. They hear about Christ’s claims, His power, and His promises, and they believe. It’s as easy as that. I also hear stories of God… [ read more ]

Jump to Conclusions and Judge, or Extend Grace?

For years I’d heard the story about the Samaritan woman. You know—she’s the one who’s famous for interacting with Jesus at the water well. She’s also the one with the reputation for being promiscuous. What else would you call a woman who’s had five husbands and is living common-law with a sixth? (John 4:4-30)  … [ read more ]

Be a Planter

What ministry opportunity awaits you today? I’ve experienced a few surprises in that department recently. Here’s one example: My husband and I enjoy going to church early so we can visit with whoever’s there (our facility has a nifty coffee area ideal for this). A week ago, enroute to the service after mixing and mingling… [ read more ]