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Train to Poland — Part 1

Gene and I woke at 4:30 A.M. and headed for the Kosice train station to begin our 10-hour trip to Krakow, Poland. All went well until we arrived in Zilina and had to catch a connecting train. With a 25-minute layover, we were keeping a close eye on the schedule board to ensure we knew… [ read more ]

Journal Entry for April 6-7

Now came the tough part – saying goodbye. Friends lingered over breakfast, took photos, exchanged contact information, hugged, and then piled their luggage into vehicles. Some were dropped off at the local train station; others at the bus stop. Some returned immediately to their country of ministry; others chose to spend two or three days… [ read more ]

Journal Entry for March 30 and 31

Today we began our 21-hour journey to our next and final destination. It will take three trains and one bus to get there, finally arriving on Tuesday around noon. Our third train was an overnighter. Remember the four-hour adventure Gene had buying tickets for this trip? Well, it continued in Budapest when we doublechecked with… [ read more ]

Journal Entry for Monday, March 23

Here we are, back in Krakow, staying at the Mosquito Hostel. Definitely not a business name that someone from, say, Alberta or Manitoba would choose. It’s a nice facility, though. You’d never know it from its street appearance.