Conntecting the Dots

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The Heart's Skewed

I’m not a trained psychologist, but it doesn’t take a degree to figure out that the human heart is a bit skewed sometimes. Take Saul, for example. When God decided to settle accounts with the Amalekite nation for opposing Israel when they came from Egypt, He gave Saul specific orders: “Now go and completely destroy the… [ read more ]

Finding Strength in the Lord

Wow – God’s Word teems with nuggets of truth and encouragement. I journal my thoughts as I read it, and my notes are growing more extensive as time passes. Besides writing general insights about how Scripture applies to me today, I’ve been collecting verses that fall into various categories. One of those categories is leadership…. [ read more ]

Journal Entry for April 6-7

Now came the tough part – saying goodbye. Friends lingered over breakfast, took photos, exchanged contact information, hugged, and then piled their luggage into vehicles. Some were dropped off at the local train station; others at the bus stop. Some returned immediately to their country of ministry; others chose to spend two or three days… [ read more ]