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Labor Day Logic

Speaking of labor, here’s a tidbit of logic that proves true in every realm of life: “Laziness leads to a sagging roof; idleness leads to a leaky house” (Ecclesiastes 10:18). Homeowners understand this verse’s relevancy. If we don’t care for our houses, they’ll fall into disrepair, right? But the principle behind this verse applies to… [ read more ]

What's Your One Wish?

If you could ask God for anything you wanted, what would it be? These possibilities come to mind when I brainstorm this question (in no particular order): good health a long life a strong marriage the ability to undo a past mistake wisdom more hours in each day financial security assurance that what I do… [ read more ]

If You Could Pray for Only One Thing

The preschooler ripped the wrapping from her Christmas presents and squealed with delight at the contents. “Thank you, thank you, Mommy!” she cried. Then she looked at her mother with wide eyes. “Is there more?” Many big girls ask the same question. Take Eve, for instance. God had already given her a long list of… [ read more ]

Family Camp Schedule

Our Polish family camp was held in the city of Karpacz. It reminds me of Banff, Alberta – an alpine tourist destination with fun things to see and do. It offers a perfect getaway for folks seeking a family vacation, and it provides a wonderful place to host our camp. The word camp often conveys… [ read more ]

Home Again

Having no internet access for nearly two weeks made it impossible for me to journal about our Poland family camp experience in real-life time. Now that I’m home again, I’ll blog for a few days about our experience in retrospect. Perhaps the element that strikes me most is the peoples’ openness toward spiritual things. One… [ read more ]

A Healthy Church

What’s the secret to optimum spiritual health in the lives of individual believers and ultimately the Church? It’s simple, really. Optimum spiritual health both individually and corporately happens when we live in the fear of the Lord. What does that mean? It means we possess a reverential awe for who God is – holy, compassionate,… [ read more ]

Feeling Overwhelmed

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by life’s wind and waves? I have. I think I’m feeling like that right now. We’re headed into Odessa, Ukraine in 48 hours to teach marriage seminars and I feel ‘way too small for the task. Over the past couple of days, we’ve chatted with some missionaries who invested nearly… [ read more ]

Obedience and Other Stuff

We humans are a perplexing bunch, don’t you think? We can justify nearly anything we do. Sometimes it starts with the small stuff. Here’s an example: I’m working at my computer in the middle of the afternoon when hunger pangs strike. I satisfy them with a brownie despite knowing that an apple would be a… [ read more ]

The Word "But" Makes All the Difference

Have you ever noticed how the word but makes a massive difference in how a story ends? Here are a few fictional examples:* Megan was going to marry Jim but she changed her mind and married Bob instead.* Leanna was planning to attend university immediately following high school, but she decided to travel overseas instead.*… [ read more ]