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The Truth About Missionaries

My husband and I have been involved in career missions for nearly 20 years. We spent three years in Nepal, 11 years at Camp Homewood off Vancouver Island, and we’ve worked with International Messengers with a focus on Eastern Europe for the past 4½ years. The past two decades have been a white-knuckle ride in… [ read more ]

God Provides

Is there something for which you need specific provision? Take heart! God can provide. Gotta love the story in 2 Kings 3:16-18. Three kings had banded together to attack a neighboring king. Trouble was, their plans took them on a roundabout trip through the wilderness for a week, and they couldn’t find water for themselves… [ read more ]

Laughter — A Missionary's Must-Have

Our train rocks and rolls as we travel from Krakow to Warsaw on Tuesday evening. Darkness has fallen and we’ve settled in for a three-hour ride. We’ll spend the night at the home of an IM couple – he’s a pastor and she’s a renowned Polish artist. I’m looking forward to seeing some of her… [ read more ]

Banking Boo-Boos, and Bye-Bye

Journal Entry for Monday, February 16  From a Romanian village back to the bustling city of Bucharest. Today Darlis and I went shopping with Jill, another IM missionary. Bless her heart – that woman’s driving skills surpass anything I’ve ever seen. Let’s just say she’s very, very good. And I was very, very thankful that… [ read more ]