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When Money's not Enough

Last night I turned on the TV to catch the late night news. On the screen I saw photos of two men’s faces, side-by-side. The commentator said, “Charlie Sheen and Muammar Gaddifi–what do these men have in common?” The commentator then proceeded to answer her own question. She said both men tend to rant illogically. She… [ read more ]

Does Money Bring Peace?

What brings inner peace? Many folks think it comes from prosperity. Everything would be okay if only I had more money. And so they work harder. They slave longer hours. They claw their way up the career ladder only to discover emptiness at the top. No one would deny that money reduces stress in a… [ read more ]

Obedience and Spiritual Well-Being

Obedience to God is vital to one’s spiritual growth and effectiveness. Without it, we’re like a brittle bush, stunted and unfruitful. I know. I’ve been there. That’s how my spiritual life felt for a year while I tried to persuade God that He was wrong in asking me to write Moving From Fear to Freedom…. [ read more ]

Abe Believed God

Abraham believed God’s promise (Gen. 15:6). Do I demonstrate the same level of trust? Take finances, for instance. How often have I heard God’s promise to provide our needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus? And yet, how often have I felt afraid in money matters? The fear comes from my lack of understanding… [ read more ]