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No Surprises for God

Life often takes us by surprise. The unexpected happens and leaves us feeling frazzled or fearful. We might become angry, disappointed, dejected, or even panicked. But remembering that nothing surprises God changes everything. We ought to find consolation in knowing that God doesn’t wring His hands and fret when the unexpected strikes: “Oh my goodness,… [ read more ]

A Prayer For When Facing an Impossible Task

  Imagine being responsible to provide food and drinking water for more than three million men, women, and children. That’s what Moses faced when he agreed to God’s divine assignment. Grocery stores didn’t exist in the wilderness. Neither did water bottles, fountains, taps, or garden hoses. Where on earth would he find food and water… [ read more ]

How I Know God is Near

Several days ago my husband and I decided to spend an afternoon hiking. We were still recovering from jetlag, and we felt we’d benefit by setting aside ministry and office work for a few hours in lieu of fresh air and exercise. We packed a lunch, hopped in the car, and drove a half hour… [ read more ]

Stand Still or Take Action?

My daily Bible reading gives me so many gems that it’s difficult to pick and choose which ones to blog about! Truth be told, one day’s reading sometimes provides enough material for three or four blogs. That’s what happened with yesterday’s passages. Yesterday I read about the Israelites panicking when they saw Pharaoh’s army approaching…. [ read more ]

Seeing the Invisible

Have you ever faced and overcome a major challenge or seeming impossibility? If so, what inspired you to keep going through the hard times? In 1999, my dad suffered two severe strokes within a couple of weeks. The first caused him to fall from the ladder on which he was standing and resulted in a… [ read more ]

Test Time

Tests make me nervous. In fact, I remember lying in fourth grade to skip writing a math test. I’d been sick at home for several days prior, and on the day of my return to school, the teacher plunked a math test on my desk. I took one look at it, felt the fear of… [ read more ]

Second Chances

 As a writer who interviews people from many different backgrounds, I find it fascinating to see how God grants second chances. One fellow – a former police officer – told me how he’d run into major financial problems and tried to solve them by robbing banks. He was caught, spent time in prison, and lost… [ read more ]

What's Your Shepherd's Staff?

It’s snowing outside! The ground is already covered with a white blanket, and there’s no sign of a let-up. My hubby has to be on the road today — I’m praying for a safe trip. Roads turn into a sheet of ice quickly here in this type of weather. I’ll hunker down and work all… [ read more ]

Fear of Inadequacy

I was in Dawson Creek, BC, for a women’s conference over the weekend. Flew up there on Friday and was greeted with a blast of cold air (minus 39 degrees Celsius), but warm hearts and hospitality. Fifty precious women attended the meetings — my prayer is that God will continue the good work He’s begun… [ read more ]