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Aha Moments

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends! This blog entry is the first one I taught on 100 Huntley Street’s “Truth to Go.” You can view it online at Click on “Watch Program” and go to the one that aired on Monday, October 5. ********* Life doesn’t always turn out the way we hope or plan. Sometimes… [ read more ]

The Patient Traveler

Our kids learned to travel long distances from the time they were babies. Matthew flew halfway around the world twice by the time he was 20 months old; Stephanie made the trip from Nepal to the U.S. when she was only three days old. Kim was born in the States, so she didn’t accumulate frequent… [ read more ]

God Controls Every Detail

Journal Entry for Thursday, March 19 (cont.)  Today is my eldest daughter’s 24th birthday. I remember all my kids’ actual birth days with clarity, and I treasure those memories. But this one held huge significance because her arrival changed the direction of our lives. We were living in Nepal and planned on being career missionaries… [ read more ]

Wednesday, April 4

My friend K. is truly a woman of influence in her culture. The 20 additional children showed up at the orphanage for an initial visit while we were eating lunch in her dining room. Without a word, she slipped outside and made sure their arrival was a smooth one. While we were there, she also… [ read more ]

Tuesday, April 3

An American gal who works in Katmandu told us about a coffee house with wireless internet access. We discovered that it’s only two blocks from where we’re staying! So, this morning, I sifted through my emails while sitting on a comfy sofa and sipping a vanilla latte. Nice! God fulfilled one of my personal dreams… [ read more ]

Monday, April 2

While in Boudha we visited the famous Buddhist stupa. It’s a white structure several stories tall, topped by a four-sided tower with a set of eyes painted on each side. Prayer flags supposedly send prayers heavenward so long as the breeze keeps them flapping. This afternoon people of all ages and from many nationalities were… [ read more ]

Monday, April 2

I woke this morning realizing I’d slept better last night than any night so far despite the plywood-type mattress! “Thank You, Lord, for renewed energy!” Our hotel boasted a garden sprinkled with round wooden tables and chairs where guests could relax in the shade. High walls covered by greenery provided respite from the noise of… [ read more ]

Sunday, April 1

The testing continued after checking into our hotel. Exhausted, I plopped onto one of the twin beds in our room. I nearly broke my tailbone when the mattress refused to budge. How in the world would I be able to sleep on a bed that felt like plywood? I wondered. Self-pity began settling in. Instantly… [ read more ]