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The Best Thoughts to Think at Night

  On what thoughts do you dwell when you’re in bed and either falling asleep or unable to sleep?   Some folks might say they plan the next day’s to-do list. Others might contemplate tough stuff they’re experiencing—a difficult relationship, the pain of betrayal, troublesome money matters, or a recent loss.   Some might ponder… [ read more ]

Eager to Do What’s Right

…Then God will establish one of David’s descendants as king. He will rule with mercy and truth. He will always do what is just and be eager to do what is right. NLT   “Aw, Mom—do I have to?”   How often have you heard a child say those words when asked to do a… [ read more ]

Reframing Obedience

  The topic of obedience has been on my mind alot recently. Perhaps that’s because I just spent more than a week addressing it in the Bible study I’m writing. Or perhaps it’s because of the faith journey Gene and I are walking now as we prepare to live aboard a sailboat. Regardless, it’s a… [ read more ]

Letting Go of My Stuff

Moving onto a sailboat means minimalistic living. Every day I spend several hours sorting personal belongings.   Some things I’ll keep and store for when we return to land living. I haven’t a clue when that will be and don’t want to pay a fortune for storage, so these things are few. Some stuff I’m… [ read more ]

A Prayer For When Facing an Impossible Task

  Imagine being responsible to provide food and drinking water for more than three million men, women, and children. That’s what Moses faced when he agreed to God’s divine assignment. Grocery stores didn’t exist in the wilderness. Neither did water bottles, fountains, taps, or garden hoses. Where on earth would he find food and water… [ read more ]

What Does Obedience Look Like?

Watching kids and parents interact provides a fascinating study in human nature. For instance, how many times must a mom or dad tell a child to do something—pick up their toys, get dressed, or sit at the table for dinner, for instance?   In most cases, kids don’t obey the first command issued. They dawdle… [ read more ]

When God’s Orders Don’t Make Sense

Has God ever asked you to do something that didn’t make sense? If so, you’re not alone.   Noah built an ark. I can hear him now: “An ark? Okay. Uh—what’s an ark?”   Gideon whittled his army down until only 300 men remained. Imagine a General discussing that strategy with his officers.   The… [ read more ]