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Count Your Blessings

As I write this, early morning sunshine streams through my sailboat’s pilothouse windows. Sailor-Man has already left for our ministry office, and I am alone. All is quiet but for the sound of birds chirping. Theirs is a happy song, and it lifts my spirits. It reminds me of — “Therefore I tell you, do… [ read more ]

No Matter How Much We Know, Jesus Knows More

  The house was filled with people weeping and wailing, but he said, “Stop the weeping! She isn’t dead; she is only asleep.” But the crowd laughed at him because they all knew she had died. ( NLT)   Jairus’s friends and family had gathered to mourn because they knew his 12-year-old daughter had died…. [ read more ]

To What Voices Do You Listen? Part 2

  In the last blog, I wrote about negative voices and how we must choose whether to listen to them or ignore them. Isaiah 36 tells of an official Hebrew trio driven to despair through an enemy’s threats. When they relayed his words to King Hezekiah, he, too responded with despair. But then he took… [ read more ]

Why You Can Do a Victory Dance

Have you ever felt as though someone’s out to “get” you? If so, that’s no surprise. You have an enemy, and he’ll do anything within his power to discourage and destroy you.   Your enemy’s name is Satan, and you’re constantly on his radar. His tactics are sometimes subtle, sometimes more blatant, but they’re always… [ read more ]