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Journal Entry for Saturday, March 21

  Sometimes I feel like pinching myself to see if I’m living a dream. The women at the retreat are from countries including Mongolia, Mexico, Cuba, the States, Russia, England, Indonesia, and Brazil. I consider myself privileged to mingle with them, learn about their lives, encourage them, pray with them, and laugh with them. They’re… [ read more ]

Journal Entry for Friday, March 20

We spent the night at the home of a couple from the States whose apartment overlooks a fabulous park – one of Warsaw’s jewels. Because the trees are still bare, we could see the  walking paths curve and wind through acres and acres of landscaped nature. It must be stunning in the summer Directly across… [ read more ]

Day #2 — or is it Day #3?

Journal entry for Thursday, February 5, 2009 It looks like I skipped a day, but in reality I didn’t. We lost a day traveling east, so it was actually Wednesday when we arrived in Kosice. I woke this morning feeling like I’d been hit by a truck. My nose was stuffed, my head was conjested…. [ read more ]

Sunday, September 16

Catching a good night’s sleep on the train is only wishful thinking! My hubby was asked to preach in church this morning. Bless his heart, he jumped right in with the help of a Polish translator. Talk about being stretched beyond one’s comfort zone. He challenged the congregation (maybe 50 people) to have courage to… [ read more ]

Saturday, September 15

Dinner party with pastors and wives. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Removing the protein from our mushroom soup Rather than zipping around town to meet folks and see projects involved with IM work, we stayed home and prepared for a dinner to which the city’s three Protestant… [ read more ]

Friday, September 14

local pastor and wife . . . . . . . . . Lunch at the camp . . . . . . . . . mushroom picking Wild mushrooms and grilled Polish kielbasa – the makings for a memorable picnic in the countryside. Bill and Marti drove us to a site where a local… [ read more ]

Thursday, September 13

Ania, my translator Grace and a Polish granny Marti and I walked through the market today – I much prefer the open markets to the modern department stores. There’s ‘way more character to the little shops, and there seems to be a personal warmth that’s missing in the mega stores. Afterwards we went to a… [ read more ]

Wednesday, September 12

Gene and his translator Today’s highlight? Well, there were two. One was driving to the city’s outskirts to see where Bill and Marti and a couple other IM staff had a ministry with women and children. When we arrived at this place (a former military barracks), we saw four concrete apartment blocks. Several walls had… [ read more ]

Tuesday, September 11

Andrew and Iwona When it takes three days to dry clothes, one must plan ahead! It’s strange that in India and Nepal we could understand the language enough to get around and hold friendly conversations. But here, where outwardly we appear to have more in common with these people, we can’t understand a word. Here’s… [ read more ]

Monday, September 10

Roadside shrine – one of many   On the road again. This time, we headed for Poland by car with our other Canadian IM missionaries, Bill and Marti. Twelve hours later we arrived at their home, but enroute we enjoyed beautiful scenery – rolling hills, trees, castles, cattle and goats grazing. In cities we saw… [ read more ]