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The Cheese Seller

Wednesday afternoon was a break for us, so we took Neal and June and a couple other friends into the nearby town of Zakopane, a destination much like a mini Whistler. In the summer, this place bustles with horse-drawn carriages pulling tourists on cobblestone streets. Open market vendors sell local wares such as smoked sheep… [ read more ]

My Dentist Visit

My back aches, my feet throb, and my brain’s on overload from standing and teaching parenting workshops for 20 hours since Thursday. But hey – the effort’s been worth it! As a result of doing this, our Polish missionary partner says new doors of ministry opportunities have opened to him and his wife. Ties have… [ read more ]

Three Promises

God’s Word is filled with amazing promises He’s made to those who follow Him. Psalm 57 contains three of them: * God will fulfill His purpose for us (v. 2). Whatever His specific purpose for our lives is, He takes responsibility for ensuring that it happens. We only need to say yes to whatever He… [ read more ]

Journal Entry for July 13 — Auschwitz

Last night we were the house guests of a lovely Polish couple – the parents of Carol’s roommate. We arrived at their home in Auscchwitz around 8:00 pm after an 8-hour train ride, and then they treated us to a traditional evening meal. Irene and I met for coffee early this morning. Even though her… [ read more ]