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It’s Time to Sing a New Song

  One morning in July 2015, I sat on my deck with Bible in hand and prayed, “God, I’m sick of struggling with wrong attitudes. I’m tired of wrestling with pride and regret and shame and blame. I’m over any felt need to toot my own horn or seek a pat on the back. I’m… [ read more ]

Praising God With Whole Hearts Even in the Hard Places

Last July I sat on my front deck and prayed, “Father, do whatever it takes to cleanse me of me. Get Grace out of the way so You can work freely in and through me. Peel me like an onion if You wish. Have at ‘er. Refine me and purify me so the image of… [ read more ]

Why Should We Ponder the Deeds of the Lord?

  A recent TV program showed an interview with an astronaut aboard the international satellite space station. The conversation focused on the breathtaking sunrises he enjoys. The miracle and majesty of Earth and its place in outer space, not to mention the mystery of the planets and galaxies among which it whirls, ought to leave us… [ read more ]

Hurting? Afraid? Take Heart–God Knows Where You Are

  I’ve felt as though I’ve been under a spiritual siege since July. Interestingly, it all started when I began preparing material to teach at our missionary training centre in the Middle East. (I’m limited in what I can say here, but I ask for your prayers for this trip September 28-October 9).   Throughout… [ read more ]

Why Praise is Like an Oxygen Mask

I travel often by airplane. On every trip I hear the same message: “In the event of an emergency, an oxygen mask will drop down before you. Put it over your nose and pull the elastic strap around the back of your head and then tighten. Oxygen will then flow.”   Today I’m donning my… [ read more ]

Why Should a Believer Praise God?

  I will praise the LORD at all times. I will constantly speak his praises. I will boast only in the LORD; let all who are discouraged take heart. (Psalm 34:1,2 NLT)   What’s your usual response when discouragement and fear strike? Do you withdraw? Rush to share your concerns with a friend? Nibble on… [ read more ]

Praise—Intentional Act, Life-Changing Practice

It’s hot today, and I’ve thrown open my sliding glass door to catch a breeze. But because I now live along a busy city thoroughfare, opening my door also means street noise enters my house. I hear a constant rush of motors and the occasional police siren or booming of a car radio cranked too… [ read more ]

A Spiritual Solution for Sleeplessness

What thoughts run through your mind when you can’t sleep at night? If you’re like me, your imagination probably tends to fall into one or more of these categories: The next day’s to-do list. My family’s well-being. A difficult relationship. Regrets about something I said or did in the past. Plans for accomplishing a particular… [ read more ]

Why Praise Empowers Us In Hard Times

Everyone responds differently when life takes a significant detour.   Some folks complain or grow bitter. Others withdraw. Some look for the cloud’s silver lining. Others learn from their circumstances and then use their life lessons to help others in similar situations.   What’s the determining factor in whether or not we respond well to… [ read more ]

How to Avoid Stress When Facing Uncertainty

The majority of us face uncertainty occasionally, and it’s an uncomfortable place to be. Ask me how I know. For the past few months, I’ve sensed God doing something new in my life. A significant clue is that my spring 2015 speaking itinerary is blank for the first time in many years.   Part of… [ read more ]