Conntecting the Dots

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Arrow Prayers — Short but Effective

  Conversing with God doesn’t have to be formal or complicated. Sometimes it resembles what we call an “arrow prayer”—brief and pointed. Here’s an example, taken from Nehemiah’s life:   “The king asked, ‘Well, how can I help you?’ With a prayer to the God of heaven, I replied, ‘If it please the king, and… [ read more ]

Is an Evil Spirit to Blame for Your Problem?

  I’ve participated in a weekly First Place 4 Health Bible study for more than a year, and I’ve been a group leader for the same since February. Several times each week I experience “aha moments” when spiritual truth hits home in a particularly relevant way. The most recent “aha moment” happened when I read… [ read more ]

Jesus Cares About Details and Dimes

  Sometimes, as Christians, we bog down in theology. Not that theology isn’t important—it is. But sometimes we allow the academics of faith to override personal relationship with the One in whom our faith rests. Spiritual disciplines then become dry and routine, and we lose the sense of delight and awe that ought to accompany… [ read more ]