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Living Stress-Free — Part 2

I promised to share some personal thoughts about living stress-free but trying to do so this morning is stressing me out! Just kidding. On Friday I referred to and italicized several commands we’re to obey if we’re to rise above stress. One of them is “Commit everything you do the LORD. Trust him, and he… [ read more ]

Pointless Prayers

My sixth grade crush on a blond, freckle-face boy named Grant drove me to my knees. “God, prove that Grant likes me, okay? I’m going to count to 10. If he smiles at me before I stop, then that will be the sign. Amen.” And so, the count would begin: “One…two…three…four…” And so would the… [ read more ]

Prayer or Action

As believers, we’re told to pray about everything. And rightfully so. It keeps us in tune with God. It builds our friendship with Him, and it acknowledges our dependency upon Him. But in some cases, we’re called to do more than pray. We’re called to get up and do something about whatever the problem is…. [ read more ]


Learning to wait patiently seems to be a lifelong lesson. I remember Christmas mornings as a young girl, sitting beside the decorated tree in our family’s living room and drooling over the stack of wrapped gifts. “Can I open one…just one…pull-eeeeze?” I begged. “No,” said my dad. “You have to wait until Mom has finished… [ read more ]

A Six-Word Prayer

Sometimes we think our prayers must be long and eloquent to be meaningful. Wrong. This morning I discovered a significant prayer that’s only six words long: “Make me willing to obey you” (Psalm 51:12). Wow. If we prayed these words and meant them, our lives could be completely transformed. We’d be inviting God to change… [ read more ]

A Two-Word Prayer

I’m glad God doesn’t care if our prayers are eloquent. Frankly, sometimes I’m too tired to utter beautifully composed words. Sometimes I’m too perplexed to know even what words to use. The best I can muster is “Lord, help!” The Israelites often felt the same way. Check it out: Psalm 107:4-7 – “Some wandered in… [ read more ]