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Prayer and Fasting

I want to be like 84-year-old Anna! Luke 2:37 says she spent her days worshiping God in prayer and fasting. Her heart was obviously sensitive to spiritual matters, for when the infant Messiah came to the Temple, she immediately recognized Him as the promised Savior. Oh, that my heart would be so spiritually in tune with… [ read more ]

Abe Prayed

Back to Abraham and his relationship with God. Theirs was an intimate one as evidenced in their conversation about Sodom (Genesis 18) “God, You wouldn’t destroy the city if You found 50 righteous men there, would You? After all, You’re a just God.” “You’re right,” said God. “I’d save it for their sakes.” Abraham mustered… [ read more ]

March 24 and 25

As always, God’s strength pulled me through. Fifty Indian women from various backgrounds attended the conference. The audience was comprised of seminary professors, pastors, OM staff, and lay women. Young and old alike from India, the U.S., Australia, and Europe. What a privilege to encourage these women in their spiritual journey! Several asked me to… [ read more ]