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Escaping the Trap of “Not Good Enough”

I’m an expert in the area of “not good enough.”   When I was a young mom with three kids under the age of four, I felt I needed to prove myself as capable. I nearly put myself in an early grave by trying to keep an immaculate house, cook and bake from scratch, entertain… [ read more ]

3 Actions to Inspire Awe for God  

What things inspire awe—wonder and amazement—in you?   Here are a few things that evoke awe in me: sunrises and sunsets especially over the prairies, mountains, and sea a child’s beauty, innocence, and ability to learn lifelong commitment to marriage as seen in an elderly couple still very much in love the world’s limitless species… [ read more ]

Three Promises

God’s Word is filled with amazing promises He’s made to those who follow Him. Psalm 57 contains three of them: * God will fulfill His purpose for us (v. 2). Whatever His specific purpose for our lives is, He takes responsibility for ensuring that it happens. We only need to say yes to whatever He… [ read more ]