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Car Wrecks and Faith Stories

I get to spend the weekend with our son and his family. Every time we visit, our grandkids ask this question: “Grandma, would you please tell us a story from your life?” This time I’ll tell them about how God provided a different car following our accident on October 31st.   Our 14-year-old Toyota Matrix… [ read more ]

The Importance of Telling Faith Stories to the Next Generation

  Attending church on Sunday evenings was the norm for my family throughout my childhood and teen years.   Every so often, the pastor called for “popcorn testimonies” from the congregation. A brave soul would stand up, briefly (ie: 2-3 sentences) tell about a recently answered prayer or something that the Lord had been teaching… [ read more ]

"I Doubt It"

How do you feel when someone questions your integrity or competency? If you’re like me, the answer is lousy. How, then, must God feel when we doubt Him – the One who’s power exceeds our imagination and whose character is flawless? The Israelites found out the hard way. Psalm 78:19,20 say, “They (the Israelites) even… [ read more ]