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July 2 — Timisoara

Yesterday the temperatures soared to 32 degrees Celsius. That’s mid-90s Farenheit. We’re very fortunate that our van had air-conditioning for 6-hour ride to Timisoara. Funny how jet-lag hits mid-afternoon. I think nearly everyone took a nap enroute. My daughter Kim put her head on my shoulder and slept for about an hour; I must have… [ read more ]

July 1 in Budapest

We’re in Budapest! It’s 7:00 a.m. and I hear dogs barking, traffic, and a car siren that’s been blaring for at least 20 minutes already. Once in a while a train rumbles by and a plane takes off from the international airport a few minutes away. Had three hours of sleep last night – the… [ read more ]

Romania Trip

Our team of 9 volunteers leaves on Monday for Romania. Will be hosting a camp for teens with HIV/AIDS. We made the front page of the local newspaper yesterday!

Valentine's Day in Romania

Journal Entry for Saturday, February 14, 2009  Spending the morning with newlywed IMer Jenn Soare and her Romanian husband was a real treat. They live on the top floor of a typical Eastern European apartment – we arrived at their door after climbing a spiral staircase. Round and round and round we went until we… [ read more ]

Is Christianity for Wimps?

I remember the day an acquaintance told me, “Christianity is for wimps. It’s a crutch for weak people.” I can’t think of a statement that’s further from the truth! Christianity is costly. It demands the courage to walk away from the world’s siren call for physical comfort and financial security. It requires the willingness to… [ read more ]