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A Single, Life-Altering Thought

Canada celebrated the late Queen Victoria’s birthday last weekend. I celebrated, too, by turning off my computer and escaping for two days alone with my husband. It was so restful that I’d be tempted to do it again this weekend if I wasn’t speaking in Edmonton! While on this mini-retreat, I played Scrabble, reflected, and… [ read more ]

Permanent Stain Remover

Sometimes our failures and mistakes blot our history like stains on a comfy shirt. We try hard to forget or remove them but nothing works. And so we go through life carrying a burden of shame, or we ask forgiveness over and over and over again. I address that issue in Moving From Fear to… [ read more ]

Newsborn's Body Recovered at Dump — Part 1/2

The Province’s headline dated Tuesday, February 9 grips me and demands a response. The story tells of a 20-year-old unmarried woman who delivered a full-term baby boy in her boyfriend’s bathroom as he slept on the couch. When the boyfriend woke, she told him that she’d miscarried. They wrapped the baby’s body in a towel,… [ read more ]

Happiness — Another Thought

This will be short and sweet, I hope, because I need to take a nap! I just pulled a red-eye flight from Abbotsford to Toronto for a Girls Night Out event in Oshawa tonight, and I feel like I’ve been hit by a semi-trailer. My scheduled flight was canceled due to maintenance problems, and an… [ read more ]

Journal Entry for Thursday, March 26

I feel like I ate all day. Maybe that’s because I did. It all began with breakfast with an IM couple – Jeff and Andrea O’Connell. Until then, I didn’t realize that finding a restaurant open at 9 a.m. was unusual. Neither did I realize that finding a restaurant with a breakfast menu was also… [ read more ]