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How to Keep Our Focus on Jesus

“How can we keep our focus on Jesus when so many legitimate needs cry for our attention?” A radio host recently asked me that question during an interview in which we discussed the busy pace many people keep and how different phases of life demand more time than others. We talked about some seasons allowing… [ read more ]

Why Our Nighttime Thoughts Matter

Our nighttime thoughts matter. Perhaps you, like me, have discovered this to be true. We lie in bed and stress over someone we love and the difficult circumstances they face. We wrestle with thoughts about the rising cost of living. We run mental replays of hurtful conversations. We toss and turn and worry about circumstances… [ read more ]

How to Deal With Anxious Thoughts

If you’re struggling with anxious thoughts right now, you are not alone. It feels like our world is screaming for help. The pandemic is barely over, and now earthquakes, floods, fires, and wars are taking their toll on the human race. My heart breaks over the news from the Middle East this week. No one… [ read more ]

Why are You Crying?

Jesus asked super-insightful questions and one of my favorites is, “Why are you crying?” Here’s the context. It was the third day after Jesus’ crucifixion. According to , a violent earthquake took place that morning because an angel came from heaven to roll away the stone that covered the entrance to Jesus’ tomb. When Mary… [ read more ]

The Cure for Anxious Thoughts

Several years ago, I discovered the cure for anxious thoughts after a wrong assumption created tension in a relationship I considered precious. The other person’s unkind accusations broke my heart. I longed for everything to return to normal, but I couldn’t fix it. The situation consumed my thoughts. It was forefront in my mind no… [ read more ]

3 Verses to Calm Fear

  A dear girlfriend in Poland sends me Bible references a couple times each week. They’re always exactly what I need at the time. Don’t you love it when God directs things like that?   This week she sent these:   – “Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Do not be dismayed, for… [ read more ]