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Train to Poland — Part 2

This is our eighth trip to Eastern Europe since 2008 and, apart from gasping at near head-on collisions, I’ve never felt afraid. Until today, that is. Passengers come and go on these trains. For several miles, two men in their 60s sat on the bench across from us. Theirs was an animated conversation until one… [ read more ]

Journal Entry for March 30 and 31

Today we began our 21-hour journey to our next and final destination. It will take three trains and one bus to get there, finally arriving on Tuesday around noon. Our third train was an overnighter. Remember the four-hour adventure Gene had buying tickets for this trip? Well, it continued in Budapest when we doublechecked with… [ read more ]

Train Station Guffaws

Journal entry for Saturday, February 7, 2009 Travel day! The Andersons and ourselves boarded a train at 10 a.m. and headed for Hungary. The lady who sold us our tickets said we’d have to switch trains in Budapest. So, doing as we were told, we got off in Budapest and lugged our suitcases down the… [ read more ]