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A Grandma’s Musings

I hold my month-old grandson and marvel at the wonder of little people and their complete dependence on others for everything. Everything. Food. Cuddles. Diaper changes. Baths. Burping. You name it. Babies rely on us to sustain their lives. And then the truth dawns. I resemble my grandbaby in many ways. Granted, I might think… [ read more ]

God Will Fulfill His Purpose for Us!

Sometimes we run ahead of God’s timing, or we try to manipulate our circumstances to get what we want. Why? Because we doubt God’s ability to fulfill His purposes for us. Ouch.

God’s Delight Over the Details of Our Lives

Last Friday I shared my concerns about moving our newlyweds to Alberta this weekend because our daughter-in-law was expecting to deliver our fifth grandbaby any day. Someone would be needed to babysit the other four grandkids (ages 1-5) at a moment’s notice, and that task naturally fell to us. God reassured me that everything would… [ read more ]