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Certainty in the Face of Uncertainty

On Friday I shared a few thoughts about how life is uncertain but this one thing we know—that the Lord is always with us. Because He is right beside us, we will not be shaken (Psalm 16:8). This weekend I discovered another fact of which we can be certain! It came to me yesterday morning,… [ read more ]

Of Course I Believe You, God, But…

What’s your first response when you sense God inviting you to a faith adventure? Do you respond with an eager yes?  Or do you hesitate, weighing the pros and cons? Do you try to figure out the details before giving your nod of approval? I grew up in a family of faith. I attended Sunday… [ read more ]

Settling for Less Than God’s Best

Sometimes I wonder how often we settle for less than God’s best. He might have great and glorious plans for us, but we never see them realized because unbelief steps in: We doubt His ability to provide financially. We doubt His wisdom in asking us to do a specific task. We doubt His strength to… [ read more ]

Help from Heaven

Bald eagles fascinate me. They’re the picture of strength and majesty, rising on the wind and circling overhead with their wings outspread. When we lived on Quadra Island, I saw bald eagles on a routine basis. One made its home in a snag near the ferry landing. I recall sitting in the ferry lineup and… [ read more ]

A Good Question to Ask When We Feel Afraid

Relevant questions reveal a lot about what people think and the reason for their behavior. Lawyers use them. So do life coaches. And parents. David used them, too. The Psalms record numerous songs and prayers he wrote throughout his lifetime, and many contain questions. On one occasion, as he ran from enemies determined to capture… [ read more ]

God Specializes in Impossibilities

It had been a long, hot day. They’d ministered to people for hours. When suppertime rolled around, the weary disciples did what made sense to them—they told Jesus to send the crowds away. “They can go to nearby farms and villages and buy something to eat,” they said. “You feed them,” Jesus replied. Imagine the… [ read more ]

A Practical Lesson in Trust

The word trust has captured my attention in the past week. It first appeared in – “We know how much God loves us, and we have put our trust in his love.” Then it showed up in – “Fearing people is a dangerous trap, but trusting the Lord means safety.” It stepped into my path… [ read more ]

The Red Sea, Real Life, and God

The Red Sea might be a mere body of water to some people, but it’s much more than that to me. I consider it an analogy to life’s challenges. For instance, when Gene and I committed to launching International Messengers Canada, we began making plans to move from Quadra Island to Abbotsford. We had exactly… [ read more ]

When God’s Ways Boggle Human Logic

Have you ever wrestled with God’s ways not making sense? Honestly, sometimes I shake my head at how He boggles human logic. My last blog told the story of how God directed our family away from a lucrative position and lakefront home to a year-round Christian camp. My husband worked there as an intern for… [ read more ]

Can God be Trusted?

Over and over again, God invites me to trust Him with every detail of my life. Truth is, I don’t always do it because it’s scary sometimes…especially when I don’t understand how the puzzle pieces fit together. The Israelites felt the same way. We know that’s true by their negative response when God told them… [ read more ]