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How to Respond When Someone Speaks the Truth We Don’t Want to Hear

I’ll always remember a conversation held around our dining room table. A personal friend and leader in our church—a Bible college graduate, nonetheless—told us that he needed space from his wife of 28 years. “I’m going to move out,” he said. “I need to clear my head. I’m struggling with my faith right now. In… [ read more ]

Who–or What–is Your Guide?

Where do you turn to for guidance or clarity when you’re facing a major decision or processing a difficult issue in your life? Some folks turn to the horoscope. Others turn to tarot cards or palm readers. Some rely on gut instinct, while others scour bookstores for self-help resources. Some pursue a life coach or… [ read more ]


Our grandkids recently spent two days with us. When their folks came to collect them, their mom told 3-year-old Anna to put her shirt and socks in the suitcase that was in our bedroom. I happened to be in the bedroom but wasn’t aware that Anna was under orders, so I didn’t pay much attention… [ read more ]

What Does Holiness Look Like?

This morning I read a short article by Chuck Colson in which he trumpeted a call for the North American church to repent. He noted that many believers are wringing their hands at the state of current affairs. He says we’re blaming the liberals, the gays, and the pro-abortionists when, in reality, we ought to… [ read more ]

An Error the Width of a Hair

This Chinese proverb came my way today: “An error the width of a hair can lead one a thousand miles astray.” Its wisdom is irrefutable, and it applies to every aspect of our lives. Now switch mental gears for a moment. For the past two days, I’ve been reading in 2 and 3 John and… [ read more ]

A Prayer for Prodigals

If you’re a parent of a prodigal child, know that you’re not alone. Josh McDowell and George Barna have conducted surveys that say 85 per cent of kids raised in Christian homes are leaving the church within a year of high school graduation. What’s with that? There’s probably a long list of reasons. Perhaps the… [ read more ]

Journal Entry for April 1-2

I think the attitude with which I read the Bible is forever changed. Over two days, I’ve spent 16 hours participating in “The Truth Project,” produced by Focus on the Family. Our group watched 8 videos on which Del Tackett lectured about Biblical truth as applied to marriage, politics, economics, creation, and more. After each,… [ read more ]

A Love Life Like No Other — part 3

No matter how busy our lives get, our obedience to God is of utmost importance. When He speaks, we must do what He says. The older I get, the more I realize how critical this is. This morning I read the story of Abraham’s obedience — getting up and moving from the familiar into the… [ read more ]