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A Loving Daddy

A most amazing thing happened to me yesterday. It began in the morning as I prepared for the last session of a women’s retreat where I was the speaker.  Suddenly one word popped into my mind: Daddy. I sensed instantly that God had spoken, but what was He trying to tell me? He couldn’t be… [ read more ]

A Newborn, a Panicked Mother, and the Fear of Rejection – 2/2

What causes a 20-year-old unmarried woman to deny she’s pregnant despite the obvious, and then dispose of her newborn son’s body in a dumpster? As I mentioned in my last post, one psychiatrist suggest it was the fear of rejection, “of some sort of disapproval from others.” I have a hunch the psychiatrist is right…. [ read more ]

Lest We Forget

What’s our attitude toward the true and living God? Do we truly understand His strength? Do we stand in awe of His unconditional love for us? Does the thought of who He is nearly take our breath away? Or does our attitude toward Him fall into the “ho-hum” category, or worse yet, do we simply… [ read more ]

Forever Friends

A popular song at weddings contains the lyrics something like this: “Whither thou goest, I will go. Whither thou lodgest, I will lodge. Thy people will be my people, and thy God my God.” For years I thought those words beautifully described the commitment made on one’s wedding day to one’s spouse. But then I… [ read more ]