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Keeping Good Friday’s Focus

Easter weekend’s a busy time. No doubt many of you, my readers, will travel to visit family or friends. Others—like me—will welcome family and friends into your home. My youngest daughter and her husband will arrive this afternoon, so I’ll shift gears in a few hours and prepare by cooking and baking. On Sunday, we’ll… [ read more ]

A Promise for Every Child of God

  Are you a follower of Jesus? If so, then the Bible’s filled with promises that pertain to you—assurances of God’s love and faithfulness, His presence, His peace, and His strength. He promises to watch over you, protect you, hear you when you pray, answer your prayers according to His will, and work all things… [ read more ]

Recycled Furniture and Faith

  Moving into a larger house recently meant finding furnishings to help fill it. Buying new stuff costs more money than I have or care to spend so I’ve visited thrift stores and garage sales. I visited a garage sale and found a solid oak TV stand—a custom-built corner unit with a swivel on the top… [ read more ]