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Why We Can Celebrate Christmas Year-Round

Evidences of Christmas surround us, but in two weeks they’ll disappear for another ten or eleven months. The message of Christmas, however, stays with us year-round. It’s meant to impact our lives every day, not just on December 24th and 25th and for a limited time before and after. The message of Christmas is “Emmanuel—God… [ read more ]

Finding Help and Strength When We’re Feeling Tired or Afraid

So how’s your summer been? Have you had a chance to throw off your usual schedule for a chance to rest and play? I hope so. Rest and play do a body and brain good.   For me, the past four weeks have given me a gift—the opportunity to experience God’s help in new ways. First,… [ read more ]

A Baby Changes Everything

A local Christian radio station has played Christmas carols, old and new, for the past month. One song in particular has caught my attention: “A Baby Changes Everything.”   Christmas celebrates Jesus Christ, the son of God who came to earth as a teeny helpless baby. His arrival changed everything for those who recognized Him… [ read more ]

Celebrating Christmas in a World Gone Mad

Monday dawns, and only nine days remain until Christmas Eve. I drive to the gym, listening to the local Christian radio station on the way. Christmas carols sing of silent nights, the baby Jesus snuggled in a manger, and angels singing in the heavens. And then I hear the news: more than a dozen hostages… [ read more ]