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Grace Fox is the award-winning author of 14 books and a popular Bible teacher at international women’s events.

She is also…

  • A member of the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (AWSA)
  • A member of the “First 5” Bible study writing team (Proverbs 31 Ministries)
  • A co-host for the podcast “Your Daily Bible Verse”
  • A regular contributor to Guideposts’ annual Mornings with Jesus 365-day devotional
  • A weekly radio guest on “The Good News with Angie Austin”

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Grace Fox podcasts

Grace has appeared on over 60 radio and TV programs


A career missionary for more than 30 years, Grace and her husband have served in Nepal, at a year-round Christian camp on an island off Canada’s west coast, and now co-direct International Messengers Canada, a missionary sending agency with 300 staff in 30 countries. They currently live fulltime aboard a sailboat in Vancouver, British Columbia. Married in 1982, they celebrate three grown kids and 13 grandchildren.

Grace has appeared on more than 60 regional and national radio and TV programs and over 60 podcasts. These include:

  • 700 Club Canada
  • FamilyLife Today with Dennis Rainey and Bob LePine
  • WMBI Radio, The Morning Show
  • 4:13 podcast – Jennifer Rothschild
  • Flourish-Meant podcast – Tina Yeager
  • A God Shift podcast – Shayna Rattler

Interview Topics

  • Overcoming fear by understanding several specific names of God
  • Keeping hope alive in the storms of life. Grace shares unique spiritual insights gained from experiencing storms while sailing.
  • Knowing peace when life takes a difficult detour
  • Praying effectively over a strained relationship with loved ones
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One of the hallmarks of a good interview is getting invited back for a second interview, and Grace often does. It has been a privilege to work with Grace on numerous books over the years as her publicist. She is simply one of the best. She knows how to engage her audience, connect with the host, and provide useful information. From a strictly selfish standpoint, I wish all my clients were as solid at communicating their message and God’s truth.
Don Otis
Veritas Communications
Select Interviews and Articles

Keeping Hope Alive

Grace Fox 700 Club Canada Interview

Grace speaks with the 700 Club Canada about her book, Keeping Hope Alive. Watch the interview.

Supporting Missionaries from a Sailboat

The CC Podcast - Supporting Missionaries from a Sailboat

Matt Resetter, Executive Director of Christian Crusaders interviews Grace about her life living aboard, and supporting missionaries from, a sailboat. Have a listen to this 44-minute interview.

Writing and Living on a Sailboat

Grace Fox Interview with Karl and Crew Mornings

Grace speaks with Karl and Crew Mornings (Moody Radio Chicago) at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Orlando, Florida about writing and living on a sailboat. Listen to the interview with Karl and Jonathan here. (Grace begins at 13:49)

Life Detour? Don’t Miss This Turn

Ann Voskamp logo

Grace is a guest writer on Ann Voskamp’s website as she promotes her devotional Fresh Hope for Today. Read the article that reminds us that detours are often the path to spiritual growth here.

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