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Hi there! Welcome to my blog.

Press pause for a few minutes, my friend. Pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea, or perhaps a hot chocolate, and let’s spend a few minutes together in God’s Word.

I love, love, love rising long before the day’s busyness begins. With no one else around, I make myself cozy at my kitchen table where I read my Bible and listen for God’s voice.

Immersed in God’s Word is my happy space as each day begins.

God’s Word is where I find courage to face the scary stuff. It’s where I find hope to deal with disappointments and distress.

It’s where Jesus gently points out areas in my life that need to go and reminds me of His love that will never let me go.

God’s Word speaks life to me. The richness I find there compels me to write lessons learned and share them with others like yourself, so you, too, might be encouraged on your faith journey. We need each other.

Nearly all the blogs I’ve written come from those early mornings in God’s Word. Some were penned while on mission trips, others while sailing off British Columbia’s coast.

I invite you to read them and glean spiritual insights, some new and some a confirmation of what you’ve already known.

As you spend time here, I pray these blogs will inspire hope, courage and transformation through God’s Word – with a dash of adventure.

Know you are loved,


Immersed in God’s Word is my happy space as each day begins. Join me, please.
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