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Playing a role in people responding to the Gospel brings me great joy, and I count it a privilege to serve the Lord wherever He opens a door for me to speak.

I’m honored to have spoken to women, church leaders and global workers at home in British Columbia, throughout Canada, the United States and around the world including Asia and the Middle East.

Take a moment to peruse my speaking topics, download my bio, and then complete the Speaking Request Form if you wish to extend an invitation. You’ll receive a response within 2-3 days.

Playing a role in people responding to the Gospel brings me great joy.
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Thank you for your interest in booking Grace Fox as a speaker for your event. Please see below for her packages and presentations as well as Frequently Asked Questions. To “Book Grace” for your upcoming event, complete the online speaking form below.

Thank you for your interest in booking Grace Fox as a speaker for your event. You will receive a response in 2-3 days of submitting the form below.

Topic of Interest – Retreat Packages
Topic of Interest – Single Presentations

Based on Romans 12:2, this package ties in with Grace’s newest Bible study produced in partnership with First Place for Health.

  • Learn what the Bible says about the power of our minds and why they must be renewed so we can experience permanent personal transformation.
  • Discover how three common lies we believe about God adversely affect our lives and how the contrasting truths about Him result in experiencing His blessings.
  • Identify the lies we believe about ourselves and then explore the Word to understand what God thinks about us so we can walk in our true identity.

This package focuses on Isaiah 40:28-31. The word “SOAR” is an acronym that’s stressed throughout the weekend. Attendees will…

  • Discover four qualities of a woman who “soars” and learn how to develop them personally. (Strong, Obedient, Alert, Risk-Taking)
  • Identify six contributing factors to weariness and learn practical strategies for overcoming them.
  • Learn what it means to wait on the Lord and how doing so ensures the fulfillment of our God-given purpose.
  • Discover truths about God’s strength and how He honors those who acknowledge their need for Him.

This package can be adapted for a single presentation as well as 3-5 sessions for a retreat or conference.

This 3-session package is designed for women in leadership positions—Sunday school teachers, pastors’ wives, non-profit and para-church organization staff, and more. Audiences learn to…

  • Identify reasons for discouragement and develop strategies for overcoming them.
  • Identify misperceptions about leadership and replace them with Biblical teaching.
  • Focus their efforts by developing a mission statement.

This package helps women identify their fears and gives them biblical teaching and practical strategies for overcoming them. Audiences learn how to:

  • Face life’s storms with an attitude of anticipation and worship rather than dread.
  • Rise above the fear of inadequacy to embrace new opportunities and pursue God-given dreams
  • Conquer guilt and the fear of rejection, turning past failures and disappointments into opportunities for growth and ministry.

This travel theme makes decorating fun! Attendees will…

  • Learn how to navigate and appreciate, rather than fear, the detours and storms along our life’s journey.
  • Make the most of their journey by recognizing the unique strengths they bring to fellow travelers.
  • Enjoy the freedom that comes from leaving excess baggage behind.
  • Commit their well-being to a Pilot who’s wise and trustworthy.

Take a deep dive into Psalm 23.

  • Identify truths that erase all doubts about the Shepherd’s character, His trustworthiness, and His intent toward us.
  • Learn how the Shepherd restores our soul, and find hope in His ability to lovingly restore the broken places in our lives.
  • Discover how the Shepherd’s presence empowers us to face and overcome our fears.

This package adds an interactive touch and teaches women how to…

  • learn practical strategies for experiencing joy in the midst of a busy life.
  • discover truths about forgiveness and how they relate to joy.
  • choose joy in the midst of life’s hard places despite emotions telling them to do otherwise.
  • experience joy by showing them how it’s directly related to obeying Christ.
  • find joy in Jesus’s presence by using spiritual disciplines as the portal to intimacy with Him.

Flight attendants review safety rules with passengers before take-off. They always say, “Put on your own oxygen mask first before trying to help another.”

The same rule applies to us within the context of loving our neighbor: We need to practice self-care so we can best care for others.

  • Discover the power of our thoughts and how they affect our mental health and overall well-being.
  • Learn about the connection between forgiveness and one’s emotional health.
  • Identify possible root causes for busyness and learn how to address them to find renewed physical strength.

Based on Isaiah 40:28-31, this presentation defines four characteristics of the woman who soars—she is strong, obedient, alert, and risk-taking. Audiences discover…

  • How Esther’s life demonstrated these qualities.
  • How to develop these characteristics in their own lives.

I share anecdotes from my own life to show audiences how to make the application personal.

This package can be adapted for a single presentation as well as 3-5 sessions for a retreat or conference.

This session includes delightful visual aids and helps women learn to:

  • Embrace relationships with women who differ than them.
  • Enjoy the genuine fellowship that results from transparency.
  • Experience the joy that comes from maintaining friendships despite the prickles of various personalities.

Ideal for a missions theme! Based on 2 Corinthians 5:18-20, this message first defines what an ambassador is and does.

Then it shows how Christ lived as an ambassador and how His followers can do the same in everyday life.

This presentation explores the secret to maintaining a spirit of serenity in the midst of a hectic schedule. Audiences learn to…

  • Regard their relationship with Christ as a friendship to be cherished rather than an obligation to be fulfilled.
  • Value the discipline of seeking silence rather than viewing it as “one more thing” on their agenda.
  • Face life’s demands and challenges with confidence and courage.

Are our lips an asset, or do they need a makeover? Using biblical teaching and relevant anecdotes, this session helps women to:

  • Discover the joy that comes from expressing words of thanksgiving even when they don’t feel like it.
  • Refuse the temptation to gossip and instead, speak words that build unity among family members and fellow employees.
  • Inspire hope in those who are feeling downcast by sharing words of encouragement.

This workshop equips women to pray more effectively by teaching them to pray Scripture. Audiences learn to…

  • Identify God’s promises and grow in courage as they learn to apply them to everyday life.
  • Pray according to God’s will rather than according to personal desires that are sometimes self-centered or short-sighted.
  • Pray in faith believing God can do the impossible.

This Christmas message explores five aspects of Christmas that begin with the letter T – toys, tinsel, traditions, ties, and truth. It’s warm, engaging, and it clearly presents the Gospel. Audiences discover…

  • Practical ways to connect with family and friends at Christmas.
  • Fun traditions to incorporate.
  • Encouragement in knowing the truth about Christmas—the Jesus is the reason we celebrate. They will gain a deeper understanding of His role in our lives as Immanuel, eternal Father, mighty God, wonderful Counselor, and Prince of Peace.

Based on Luke 17:11-19, this message reveals the importance of and blessing for expressing thanks to the Lord for all He’s done. It features an acronym for “thanks” that helps audiences remember practical strategies to develop a lifestyle of thanksgiving.

Ideal for ministry leaders, but reaffirming for women from all walks of life who struggle with feeling “not enough.” Using personal anecdotes, biblical truths, and five action steps, Grace shows audiences how to overcome feelings of inadequacy for confidence in their calling.

If desired, Grace will provide small group discussion questions for your event.

A career missionary for more than 30 years, Grace and her husband have served in Nepal, at a year-round Christian camp on an island off Canada’s west coast, and now co-direct International Messengers Canada, a missionary sending agency with 300 staff in 30 countries. They currently live fulltime aboard a sailboat in Vancouver, British Columbia. Married in 1982, they celebrate three grown kids and 13 grandchildren.

Speaking Topics Include (but not limited to):

  • In Love with the Shepherd (Psalm 23)
  • Forever Changed (Romans 12:2)
  • Practicing Self-Care: How and Why
  • Fearless Faith
  • Unquenchable Joy



More than 150 churches and organizations have invited Grace to speak. These include:

  • World Vision Canada — Girls Night Out
  • Salvation Army
  • GEMS
  • First Place for Health
  • Sandy Cove Ministries
  • NAIM (North American Indigenous Ministries)
  • Connecting and Bonding pastors’ wives conference
  • Mt. Hermon Christian Writers Conference
  • Pacific Northwest Christian Writers Renewal Conference

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Upcoming Events
Past Events

I teach at women’s one-day conferences and weekend retreats, mission conferences, writers’ conferences, and events for women in ministry leadership positions.


Yes. U.S. and international groups wishing to book me can fill out the Speaking Request Form.

Sure! I would be happy to do a Zoom call with your leadership team. Bring your questions, and let’s talk.

As far as ministry is concerned, my passion is to inspire hope and courage through God’s Word so women can flourish in every part of who they are.

For that reason, I speak on topics including:

  • overcoming the fear of inadequacy or rejection
  • surviving and thriving through life’s storms
  • recognizing and developing one’s spiritual gifts
  • practicing forgiveness and thanksgiving
  • finding courage and hope through understanding the names of God

I also address themes based on more than 30 years in career ministry, both overseas and in North America. These topics include how to be a servant leader and caring for oneself while involved in ministry leadership.

My audiences often include women of all ages – teens through 80s, married and singles – so I strive to ensure my presentations have something for everyone.

As far as writers’ conferences go, I teach workshops about writing devotions and self-editing. I have keynote presentations designed to give writers hope and develop the courage to persevere.

My speaking topics are listed here.

Tell me what your topic is, and I’ll know whether it fits my interest, experience, and expertise. If not, I may be able to suggest a more suitable speaker.

If it aligns with my purpose and passion, I’ll consider my writing and ministry travel schedule. If it allows the time to develop a new package, then I would be happy to accommodate your request.

My fee varies based on the number of speaking sessions and the travel time involved. That said, I never want expense to get in the way of ministry, so let me know your budget, okay? We can talk about it by phone or Zoom if you wish.

Groups are responsible for all travel expenses. Depending on your location, these costs may include economy class airfare, car travel (68 cents/km), ferry costs, airport parking, ferry parking, rental car.

Groups are also responsible to cover overnight accommodation, meals, and gratuities.

I use the Vancouver International Airport. If there’s a significant difference in cost, I can fly from Seattle for US destinations, but there will be mileage costs to and from the airport. If a crazy-early flight (4 AM, for instance) means I need to drive to Seattle the day before departure, then there will be accommodation and meal expenses as well.

My personal preference is to stay in a hotel because that allows me the freedom to prepare for the event, rest, and move about without the worry of disturbing someone else especially if I can’t sleep at night or rise early.

That said, if you’re working with a tight budget and my staying in a private home would make things doable, then let’s go that direction.

Let’s talk by phone or Zoom so you can receive answers asap. Connect with me here so we can schedule a time for that conversation.

Fill out the Speaking Request Form.

I will send you an Event Agreement to sign and return with a non-refundable deposit. These can be sent electronically. I confirm your event on my calendar upon receipt of the signed agreement and deposit.

My schedule is generally set about a year in advance.

Check my itinerary above for availability.

A standard cancellation policy is written into the event agreement. If I cancel due to illness or an emergency (highly unlikely), I’ll return your deposit and either try to set another date with you or suggest another speaker.

You’re welcome to submit a few options in your initial inquiry and I’ll let you know which dates will work with my calendar.

Feel free to submit the Speaking Request Form and mention that you’re considering other speakers. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee my availability if another group extends an invitation before you make your decision about speakers.

It’s best to submit the Speaking Request Form. I’d be happy to have a phone or Zoom call with you after I receive it to address any questions you might have and discuss the next steps.

You can listen to a sample of my media interviews  on this website, or you can sign up for my free monthly newsletter, “Coffee with Grace,” and follow my itinerary there to hear me in person. That said, if your committee would prefer a CD, I’ll do my best to accommodate.

Yes! Download my Speaking Bio here.

Grace Fox can address an audience of hundreds yet make you feel as though she’s having a conversation just with you. She handles tough topics with scriptural truth and humor, and inspires women to believe that with God all things are possible.

Margaret Gibb
Founder and Director, Women Together
Grace Fox is one of the most approachable master teachers I have ever known. She’s clear, concise, and especially optimistic and affirming with beginners. She possesses the patience and discernment to guide them to success. People gravitate to Grace, and as her name implies, receive from her the blessing of a generous spirit and industry-tested expertise. She’s a real gem.

Clint Kelly
Novelist/Communications Specialist/Program Coordinator, Northwest Christian Writers Renewal
Excellent presenter. She loves what she does and was inspirational.
I have had the privilege to hear Grace Fox speak at three events. Her presentations have touched my life and grown my faith. Her books, too, are inspirational, and I’ve shared them with many women who are suffering and needing encouragement.

Fay Schatschneider
Grace is a gifted speaker who speaks with passion and humor encouraging her audiences to listen in rapt attention.
Honestly, I’m always skeptical of speakers. But you are an awesome speaker! I love how you’re so down to earth and real. I hope to hear you again soon.
Thank you for a beautiful weekend. Your words were truth given by the Spirit. The subject was relevant to all and touched many hearts. God bless you as you continue to follow God’s leading in your life.
Sitting under the teachings of Grace Fox has been life changing for me. Her approach to Biblical principles is solid, understandable and applicable. She writes and speaks with authority and compassion. Because of her transparency you experience an immediate connection. She is the real deal.

Vicki Heath
National Director, First Place for Health
Grace was an excellent speaker. She got us all looking at our own lives. After listening to her speak, I felt challenged to get back on track with my devotions, prayer and journaling.
God has given you such a gift of communication. You spoke deeply to our hearts in a way that we could take it home with us. I enjoyed meeting you personally.