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Thank You for Your Prayers–They Worked!

Our 2014 summer ministry in Eastern Europe has ended. During our time there, we traveled hundreds of miles by van and train through Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, and Poland. We hosted two camps—one for some very special kids in Romania and one for families in Poland—by partnering with career missionaries and two teams… [ read more ]

Journal Entry for Friday, March 27

Enroute to Kaposvar, Hungary, as I write this. We’re seated in a comfortable train with a berth to ourselves again. We’re rolling through the Hungarian countryside with fields on either side of the tracks. Hmmm…we just stopped.

Journal Entry for Thursday, March 26

I feel like I ate all day. Maybe that’s because I did. It all began with breakfast with an IM couple – Jeff and Andrea O’Connell. Until then, I didn’t realize that finding a restaurant open at 9 a.m. was unusual. Neither did I realize that finding a restaurant with a breakfast menu was also… [ read more ]

Journal Entry for Wednesday, March 25

This was a quiet day in a guesthouse down the street from our IM missionaries, Brad and Karla Thiessen. Gene did our taxes, and I enjoyed some unrushed time in the Word and in preparing my talk for the women’s session at our upcoming spring conference. I also got to do our laundry using a… [ read more ]

Train Station Guffaws

Journal entry for Saturday, February 7, 2009 Travel day! The Andersons and ourselves boarded a train at 10 a.m. and headed for Hungary. The lady who sold us our tickets said we’d have to switch trains in Budapest. So, doing as we were told, we got off in Budapest and lugged our suitcases down the… [ read more ]

Day #2 — or is it Day #3?

Journal entry for Thursday, February 5, 2009 It looks like I skipped a day, but in reality I didn’t. We lost a day traveling east, so it was actually Wednesday when we arrived in Kosice. I woke this morning feeling like I’d been hit by a truck. My nose was stuffed, my head was conjested…. [ read more ]

Eastern Europe Adventure Begins

Journal entry for Tuesday, February 3, 2009 After catching a couple hours of sleep last night, we boarded a flight from Vancouver to Toronto to Vienna (for yet another infamous 5-hour layover), and finally to Kosice, Slovakia. I must have been more tired than I realized in Vienna, for I stretched out on a padded… [ read more ]

Tuesday, September 18 (continued)

Gypsy pastor and his wife – Laco and Anna . . . . . . . . Gypsy church Later in the day, Karla drove us to an unforgettable site. Several familiar concrete apartment blocks stood alone, segregated from the rest of the city. Unlike the other blocks, however, there was no playground for the… [ read more ]

Tuesday, September 18

Woodworking shop . . . . . . . . . Sewing classes anyone? Karla’s husband, Brad, took us to see their work projects. One is called Life Art and is designed to teach work skills to those needing to earn a living. There are several facets to it. First, a woodworking department teaches men… [ read more ]