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Taming the Tongue

  Taming the tongue isn’t easy. This is true at any time, but moreso in the current political climate. How many times in the past couple of years have you forced yourself to refrain from saying something regrettable? Or perhaps you didn’t: You expressed an opinion contrary to a friend or family member’s and sparked… [ read more ]

A Practical Guide to Wise Speech

Have you ever opened your mouth and said something before engaging your brain? If so, how did that work for you?   I’ve been known to do this on occasion, and it didn’t go well. As a result, I’ve begun using this acronym as a resource to help me determine whether or not I really… [ read more ]

The Power of Self-Talk

Earlier this week, while going through a grocery store checkout, I heard the customer ahead of me say, “Oh, that was forgettable of me. I’m so dumb sometimes!”   Something inside me wanted to respond, “You’re not dumb. Please don’t say such things because they’re not true.” I kept silent, but I’m kind of sorry… [ read more ]

What Difference Do Our Words Make in the Morning?

  What are the first words you speak in the morning? Here’s a multiple choice quiz: Ugh. It’s morning again. I don’t feel like getting up. Help! I need coffee—now! My to-do list is a mile long; I don’t know where to begin. Why did morning have to come so soon? Good morning, Lord. This… [ read more ]