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The Importance of Consulting God First

  A couple of years ago, a ministry in the Middle East asked me to come and teach a week of discipleship training. I’d been there once before and had loved connecting with the people, so I immediately said yes. Never mind that my calendar was already booked with teaching in Nepal for three weeks… [ read more ]

Seeking Wisdom is Good, But Loving God is Better

How many “aha” moments can a person have in a short period of time? I feel as though they’re coming at me from every direction. Each time they hit me, I wonder why I haven’t noticed these truths earlier. Learning never stops, nor should it!   The speaker at the family Bible camp I attended… [ read more ]

3 Reasons to Live Grumble-Free

How easy it is to grumble! When winter hits, we complain about the snow or—where I live—the rain. When summer arrives, we whine about the heat and the watering restrictions.   If our workload overwhelms us, we might complain about having too much to do and not enough free time. But if we lose our… [ read more ]

Why Praise is Like an Oxygen Mask

I travel often by airplane. On every trip I hear the same message: “In the event of an emergency, an oxygen mask will drop down before you. Put it over your nose and pull the elastic strap around the back of your head and then tighten. Oxygen will then flow.”   Today I’m donning my… [ read more ]

Advice for Mother Hens Like Me

  Sometimes I feel like a mother hen—I want everyone around me to feel happy and be safe, and so I do whatever I can to make that happen. Trouble is, I can’t be everywhere at once nor can I control others’ circumstances for their good. My only recourse, then, is to let go and… [ read more ]

A Prayer for Focus

  Do you sometimes feel as though you’re being pulled a gazillion different directions? If so, you’re not alone!   People cry for our attention. Work responsibilities and household chores call us. Social media clamors for our participation. Noise of every description invades our space. Sometimes it’s downright difficult to keep focused on what matters… [ read more ]