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A Mind-Boggling Answer to Prayer

I want to give God a praise shout-out this morning. Here’s why:   As national co-directors of International Messengers Canada, one of the most difficult tasks Gene and I face every year is finding volunteers to minister with us among Romanian teens living with life-threatening illnesses. We believe cost is the factor. Volunteers must raise… [ read more ]

God Provides

Is there something for which you need specific provision? Take heart! God can provide. Gotta love the story in 2 Kings 3:16-18. Three kings had banded together to attack a neighboring king. Trouble was, their plans took them on a roundabout trip through the wilderness for a week, and they couldn’t find water for themselves… [ read more ]

A Loaded Question

Questions are powerful. When properly used, they’re an effective tool in helping people identify the reason for their inner struggles and set a course of action to move beyond them. Jesus used them often, and He used them well. Take this question, for instance: “Why do you have so little faith?” Jesus asked this as… [ read more ]

God's Reputation

According to Isaiah 63:14, God earned quite the reputation when He led His people through the desert wilderness for 40 years. He provided them with food and water, clothing and sandals that never wore out, and a place to sleep each night. Then He threw in a few extras like sending flames and clouds to… [ read more ]

Abe Believed God

Abraham believed God’s promise (Gen. 15:6). Do I demonstrate the same level of trust? Take finances, for instance. How often have I heard God’s promise to provide our needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus? And yet, how often have I felt afraid in money matters? The fear comes from my lack of understanding… [ read more ]