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Praising with Every Part of Me

“Let all that I am praise the Lord,” says Psalm 104:35. “That’s easier said than done,” says me. I recall several of the biggest challenges I’ve faced/am facing: Being separated from my newborn daughter when she was flown from Nepal to the US for surgery. International airlines refused to issue me a ticket, saying I… [ read more ]

Journal Entry for March 28-29

What an amazing weekend! The women’s conference was the first-ever for this church. They’d originally expected 60 attendees, but approximately 200 registered. Some ladies came from other churches in the city, but some drove for nearly 3 hours to get here. I spoke on overcoming fear – the same theme that North American women are… [ read more ]

Journal Entry for Friday, March 27

Enroute to Kaposvar, Hungary, as I write this. We’re seated in a comfortable train with a berth to ourselves again. We’re rolling through the Hungarian countryside with fields on either side of the tracks. Hmmm…we just stopped.

Journal Entry for Sunday, March 22

While I was away for the weekend, Gene stayed busy in Warsaw. He visited with one of our IM fellows, attended his men’s small group, preached in a church service, and bought our train tickets. The latter took the longest. Four hours, to be exact. Four hours! Can you imagine standing in line at a… [ read more ]

Getting Ready for Another Trip

Hello, my friends! I finally got caught up on the blogs from our recent trip to Eastern Europe, and now it’s time to travel again. It’s true — we’ll leave on Wednesday. Once again, I’ll try my best to post blogs as we go. We ought to have internet access about every third day as… [ read more ]

If This is Monday, It Must be Hungary

Journal Entry for Monday, February 9, 2009  Another travel day. Peter drove us to a bus station about an hour away and we were off again, this time headed to Kaposvar, Hungary.  Thankfully the blizzard stopped and the roads were clear once we got into lower land. An IM staff lady named Barb Gorman works… [ read more ]