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Thank You for Your Prayers–They Worked!

Our 2014 summer ministry in Eastern Europe has ended. During our time there, we traveled hundreds of miles by van and train through Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, and Poland. We hosted two camps—one for some very special kids in Romania and one for families in Poland—by partnering with career missionaries and two teams… [ read more ]

Journal Entry for March 30 and 31

Today we began our 21-hour journey to our next and final destination. It will take three trains and one bus to get there, finally arriving on Tuesday around noon. Our third train was an overnighter. Remember the four-hour adventure Gene had buying tickets for this trip? Well, it continued in Budapest when we doublechecked with… [ read more ]

Journal Entry for March 28-29

What an amazing weekend! The women’s conference was the first-ever for this church. They’d originally expected 60 attendees, but approximately 200 registered. Some ladies came from other churches in the city, but some drove for nearly 3 hours to get here. I spoke on overcoming fear – the same theme that North American women are… [ read more ]

Journal Entry for Friday, March 27

Enroute to Kaposvar, Hungary, as I write this. We’re seated in a comfortable train with a berth to ourselves again. We’re rolling through the Hungarian countryside with fields on either side of the tracks. Hmmm…we just stopped.

If This is Monday, It Must be Hungary

Journal Entry for Monday, February 9, 2009  Another travel day. Peter drove us to a bus station about an hour away and we were off again, this time headed to Kaposvar, Hungary.  Thankfully the blizzard stopped and the roads were clear once we got into lower land. An IM staff lady named Barb Gorman works… [ read more ]

Believers and Blizzards

Journal Entry for Sunday, February 8, 2009 We walked with Helga and Zoli to their church in the morning. Enroute we passed a Catholic church that was formerly a Turkish mosque. Huge and very ornate. A block further we entered their little church – a small, rented, rectangular room overlooking a main street.

Train Station Guffaws

Journal entry for Saturday, February 7, 2009 Travel day! The Andersons and ourselves boarded a train at 10 a.m. and headed for Hungary. The lady who sold us our tickets said we’d have to switch trains in Budapest. So, doing as we were told, we got off in Budapest and lugged our suitcases down the… [ read more ]