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The Truth About Missionaries

My husband and I have been involved in career missions for nearly 20 years. We spent three years in Nepal, 11 years at Camp Homewood off Vancouver Island, and we’ve worked with International Messengers with a focus on Eastern Europe for the past 4½ years. The past two decades have been a white-knuckle ride in… [ read more ]

When God Calls our Kids to Missions

This morning I woke to a power outage. No obvious reason for it – no windstorms, no snow, nothing but rain. Nonetheless, the house was dark. I tried reading my Bible by candlelight but that was nearly impossible. I switched to a flashlight, but the small print made reading an arduous task. I finally closed… [ read more ]

Amazing Encounters and Encouragement

I came to Urbana ’09 to represent International Messengers and to answer questions/encourage students who are exploring options for their future. During Monday morning’s worship service, however, I heard the leader say, “God has brought you here for a reason. What does He want to tell you or show you?” Hey – that’s right, I… [ read more ]

Urbana 2009 — In Full Swing

We finally arrived in St. Louis on Sunday morning. Our delayed flight from Seattle meant we missed our connection in Chicago, and the next (and last) flight to St. Louis was canceled that evening. We got a “Distressed Traveler’s” voucher for hotel, caught a shuttle to it, and had five hours before heading back to… [ read more ]

Urbana ’09 — Here We Come

It’s Saturday, Dec. 26th – a.k.a. Boxing Day to Canucks like myself. If I were home, I’d probably go shopping for ridiculously low bargains on next year’s Christmas cards and wrap. But shopping’s out this year ‘cause I’m doing something that’s far more fun. What? More fun than fighting the crowds at the local mall… [ read more ]