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No One’s Perfect…Yet

A senior gentleman from our church recently said, “My memory is like Teflon. Nothing sticks!” I howled with laughter because I could relate. How about you? Seems that, while age advances, one’s memory retreats. Other changes take place, too—some more obvious than others. We leak and creak. We wrinkle and sag. Physically, we’re far from… [ read more ]

Pray First; Act Later

What’s your usual response when faced with major decisions? Do you rush ahead or do you take a moment to ask God for direction? I’ve love to say that my usual response is the latter but that wouldn’t be totally true. All too often I’ve rushed forward only to regret not seeking God first. In one case,… [ read more ]

New Clothes

The other day while running errands, I happened across a lovely scarf collection. Now, I’ve been admiring other women’s scarves as a fashion accessory for a long time but have never seriously shopped for one myself…until now. Purples, pinks, lime greens, iridescent stripes – what a feast for the eyes! And guess what? They were… [ read more ]

Give Me a Tender Heart

It’s funny how kids’ personalities are so different even when raised in the same household. One child, for instance, can have a steel will. When reprimanded, he’ll stomp from the room and slam a door behind him for emphasis. He’ll drive his parents to their knees, leaving them begging God for wisdom and patience and… [ read more ]

Heart Health

How’s your heart? Healthy, I hope, both physically and spiritually. Physically, I’ve been taking deliberate steps to increase my heart’s health because I want to live well and long. I walk for 45 minutes several times each week, and I work out at a fitness center when I’m not traveling. My intentional efforts are paying… [ read more ]