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Experiencing God’s Supernatural Strength

When I woke Friday morning at 5:30, I had no inkling that the next 42 hours would become a stay-awake marathon and, hence, an opportunity to experience God’s supernatural strength. It all began when I flew from Abbotsford, British Columbia to Calgary, Alberta enroute to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.   My layover in Calgary was supposed to… [ read more ]

A Week in the Life and Mind of a Writer/Speaker

What a wild, whirlwind (and thankfully, unusual) week it’s been. And it’s not over yet. I’ve traveled several thousand miles, slept in many hotel rooms, interviewed for several TV shows, and spent time with individual women in person and online. At times my brainwaves must have resembled a roller coaster on steroids.   Some people… [ read more ]

Ideas for Christmas Gift-Giving

Last week a news broadcaster said the average Canadian spends about $860 on Christmas gifts. Don’t you think it would be interesting to know what that money buys? No doubt some purchases are needed items. Some are simply nice to have. But others? Consider the contents of a 63-page catalogue that arrived in my mailbox… [ read more ]

Thoughts About Haiti

I’m taking a break from the devotionals to share my thoughts about Haiti. I’ll see you back here on Monday! The photo images coming from Haiti’s disaster are disturbing indeed… Children with bloodied and swollen faces, their eyes glazed and void. A dust-covered mother sitting alone amidst the chaos, cradling her infant and weeping for… [ read more ]

The Poor

I’m in Ontario this week, doing a Girls Night Out speaking tour sponsored by Faith Life Financial and World Vision. I’ve done several dozen such events in the past three years, and I find it fascinating to see how different communities respond to an invitation/challenge for child sponsorship. My family has sponsored children through World… [ read more ]

What is Compassion?

What is compassion? Is it the equivalent of feeling sorry for the less fortunate? Is it crying with someone who’s experiencing a tough time? I’m reading the book The Backward Life by Jarrod Jones. He writes, “In the original Greek language of the Bible, compassion means ‘a wrenching in the guts.’”